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Manisha Holiday, visionary leader with a passionate drive to enhance lives and impact communities and regions through strategic business and non-profit program development, Manisha is a seasoned professional with vast project management experience. Manisha has diversified professional career in Public Relations, Personal Development Coaching, extensive (major) event planning, and executive administrative experience both in the corporate environment and the non-profit sector, Manisha diligently seeks to positively impact lives and transform communities.

Manisha has a proven track record that is evidenced with an innate talent to draw people together for common purposes and goals. As a high-impact planner and strategist, she is extremely proficient in advancing teams to success. Manisha intuitively impacts her community, whether corporate or non-profit sector, with consistent progression into effective team leadership and training. An innovative leader who consistently exhibits a personal and intentional pursuit of fulfilling her own purpose and destiny, Manisha is determined to touch the lives of women and youth in the Georgia communities to effectively create avenues to bring their entrepreneurial / leadership goals and dreams to fruition and to develop next generation community leaders through her Victorious Living vision. Manisha serves wholeheartedly, her passion and drive has led her to becoming a true achiever and leader.


  • Fatherless Daughters.
  • Single Parenting.
  • Healing from Abuse.


  • Victorious: Journey to 40.
  • I’ll Wait (Amazon #1 in Marriage & Long Term Relationships).


  • Keynotes.
  • Workshops.
  • Podcasts.


  • Healthline Parenthood.
  • The Black Chronicle.
  • Voyage ATL.


  • Email: info@holidaycares.org
  • Website: holidaycares.org
  • Phone: (678) 266-8535